Friday, April 24, 2015

Hate the New Metal Detectors? Petition MLB

I've been through MLB's new metal detectors several times now. Once I had my wallet in my pocket and it didn't go off. Once I had nothing in my pockets and it did go off, and the wand the security staff waved over me proceeded to spaz out willy-nilly. Every time, though, it's been at least a mild delay and a nuisance.

Commissioner Rob Manfred claimed the other day that MLB hasn't heard any complaints from fans or teams about the enhanced security, which seems really hard to believe given that all we have heard are complaints. To me, the most infuriating thing about the metal detectors is how they don't actually make anyone safer. These aren't airport-quality detectors, and even in my two-week experience with them, they've failed to consistently detect anything. The kicker, though, is how bags still bypass the detector and get only a mild rummage or feel before they're cleared to enter the park. The only real argument for the detectors is that they protect MLB against a lawsuit—the most perverse of arguments, and one that only resonates with maybe 100 people who work at 245 Park Avenue.

I'm of the strong belief that it's in everyone's interests, including theirs, for MLB to remove the metal detectors and go back to the security measures that have worked perfectly well (rate of terror incidents at ballparks: 0%) for years. If you feel the same way, I hope you'll sign this petition that was started to ask MLB to do just that. The petition reads:

-- 2015's tighter security measures have led to major delays and fan inconvenience;
-- Experts agree that the enhanced security does nothing to actually make fans safer;
-- The new searches are overly invasive and a violation of fans' privacy;
-- The security checkpoints are major failures of customer service and turn fans off from MLB (baseball fans do not want to be treated like they are at an airport);

We ask MLB to rescind the new requirement that all fans must go through airport-style security screenings before entering a ballpark.
Please share the petition widely on your social media of choice, and thanks!

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