About Baseballot

Baseballot is a website for people who are both political junkies and baseball nerds, attempting to fill—with one blog—two desperate needs of many desperate people. The site specializes in data-driven analysis of elections and baseball (and sometimes elections in baseball!), shining a spotlight on downballot and local politics, and, of course, all the obvious and not-so-obvious places where our democracy and national pastime intersect.

Baseballot is written by Nathaniel Rakich, a Boston-based freelance writer. Nathaniel's work has been published in The New Yorker, Grantland, FiveThirtyEight, POLITICO, the Boston Globe, VICE Sports, The New Republic, FanGraphs, Roll Call, The Hardball Times, The Atlantic, and many other outlets. He is a Contributing Analyst for Inside Elections, which provides nonpartisan analysis of campaigns for Senate, House, governor, and president. Previously, Nathaniel has worked as a senior political analyst in Washington, DC, a front-office assistant for the Boston Red Sox, and an editor for Let's Go Travel Guides. He graduated from Harvard University in 2010.

Got an opinion to share? A gig to offer? A media request? Email Nathaniel at nrakich at gmail dot com.

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