Sunday, January 1, 2017

State of the State Schedule 2017

With the imminent inauguration of President Donald Trump, many are turning with fresh hope to state governments. Although Trump's party holds total control over exactly half of them, the states are where Democrats expect their grassroots opposition campaign to start. Twenty-six Republican-held governorships will be on the ballot in 2018, and what the GOP does with its control in the 2017–2018 legislative sessions will set the tone for many of these races. For those on the right, the next two years represent the pinnacle of power for their party; now with the full support of the federal government, what initiatives will Republican governments pursue?

These are just some of the many reasons to pay attention to this winter's State of the State addresses, as well as its handful of budget and inaugural speeches. As this blog provides every year, here is a full schedule of when each state's governor will speak. This list will be updated as new speeches are announced.

Alabama: February 7 at 6:30pm CT
Alaska: January 18 at 7pm AKT
Arizona: January 9 at 2pm MT
Arkansas: January 10 at 10:30am CT
California: January 24 at 10am PT
Colorado: January 12 at 11am MT
Connecticut: January 4 at noon ET (State of the State); February 8 at noon ET (budget address)
Delaware: January 17 at 11am ET
Florida: March 7 at 11am ET
Georgia: January 11 at 11am ET
Hawaii: January 23 at 10am HAT
Idaho: January 9 at 1pm MT
Illinois: January 25 at noon CT (State of the State); February 15 at noon CT (budget address)
Indiana: January 9 at 11am ET (inaugural); January 17 at 7pm ET (State of the State)
Iowa: January 10 at 10am CT
Kansas: January 10 at 5pm CT
Kentucky: February 8 at 7pm ET
Louisiana: April 10 at 1pm CT
Maine: February 7 at 7pm ET
Maryland: February 1 at noon ET
Massachusetts: January 24 at 7pm ET
Michigan: January 17 at 7pm ET
Minnesota: January 23 at 7pm CT
Mississippi: January 17 at 5:30pm CT
Missouri: January 9 at noon CT (inaugural); January 17 at 7:30pm CT (State of the State); February 2 at 11:15am CT (budget address)
Montana: January 2 at 10am MT (inaugural); January 24 at 7pm MT (State of the State)
Nebraska: January 12 at 10am CT
Nevada: January 17 at 6pm PT
New Hampshire: January 5 at noon ET (inaugural); February 9 at noon ET (budget address)
New Jersey: January 10 at 2pm ET (State of the State); February 28 at 2pm ET (budget address)
New Mexico: January 17 at 12:30pm MT
New York: Instead of a traditional State of the State, Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered six slightly different State of the State addresses in six different regions of the state: January 9 at 11am ET (New York City); January 9 at 3pm ET (Buffalo); January 10 at 10:30am ET (Westchester); January 10 at 1pm ET (Long Island); January 11 at 11am ET (Syracuse); January 11 at 2pm ET (Albany); January 17 at 8pm ET (budget address)
North Carolina: January 7 at 10:30am ET (inaugural); March 13 at 7pm ET (State of the State)
North Dakota: December 7 at 10am CT (Dalrymple budget address); January 3 at 1pm CT (Burgum inaugural and State of the State)
Ohio: April 4 at 7pm ET
Oklahoma: February 6 at 12:45pm CT
Oregon: January 9 at noon PT
Pennsylvania: February 7 at 11:30am ET
Rhode Island: January 17 at 7pm ET
South Carolina: January 11 at 7pm ET
South Dakota: December 6 at 1pm CT (budget address); January 10 at 1pm CT (State of the State)
Tennessee: January 30 at 6pm CT
Texas: January 31 at 11am CT
Utah: January 4 at 11am MT (inaugural); January 25 at 6:30pm MT (State of the State)
Vermont: January 4 at 2pm ET (Shumlin farewell address); January 5 at 2pm ET (Scott inaugural); January 24 at 2pm ET (Scott budget address)
Virginia: January 11 at 7pm ET
Washington: January 11 at noon PT
West Virginia: January 11 at 2pm ET (Tomblin farewell address); January 16 at 1pm ET (Justice inaugural); February 8 at 7pm ET (Justice State of the State)
Wisconsin: January 10 at 3pm CT (State of the State); February 8 at 4pm CT (budget address)
Wyoming: January 11 at 10am MT

National: January 10 at 8pm CT (Obama farewell address); January 20 at noon ET (Trump inaugural); February 28 at 9pm ET (Trump joint address)

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