Monday, January 13, 2014

State of the State Schedule 2014

New year, new policy initiatives on the state level. Over the coming weeks and months, governors across the country will give their State of the State or budget addresses laying out their agenda for 2014. Like the national State of the Union address, these speeches are often critical to learning about legislative priorities and the political circumstances of the governor. As close readers know, I believe that most policy that truly affects people is made on the state level—and so I believe state politics is absolutely essential to pay attention to.

As I do every year, then, here's a list of the dates of each state's State of the State address for 2014—updated in real time as dates are announced. Tune in for an unbeatably rich appreciation of local politics; alternatively, after each speech is delivered, I'll link to the transcript on this page as well.

Alabama: January 14 at 6:30pm CT
Alaska: January 22 at 7pm AKT
Arizona: January 13 at 2pm MT
Arkansas: No speech in 2014
California: January 22 at 9am PT
Colorado: January 9 at 11am MT
Connecticut: February 6 at noon ET
Delaware: January 23 at 2pm ET
Florida: March 4 at 11am ET
Georgia: January 15 at 11am ET
Hawaii: January 21 at 10am HAT
Idaho: January 6 at 1pm MT
Illinois: January 29 at noon CT
Indiana: January 14 at 7pm ET
Iowa: January 14 at 10am CT
Kansas: January 15 at 6:30pm CT
Kentucky: January 7 at 7pm ET
Louisiana: March 10 at 1pm CT
Maine: February 4 at 7pm ET
Maryland: January 23 at noon ET
Massachusetts: January 28 at 7pm ET
Michigan: January 16 at 7pm ET
Minnesota: April 30 at 7pm CT
Mississippi: January 22 at 5pm CT
Missouri: January 21 at 7pm CT
Montana: No speech in even-numbered years
Nebraska: January 15 at 10am CT
Nevada: No speech in even-numbered years
New Hampshire: February 6 at 2pm ET
New Jersey: January 14 at 3pm ET
New Mexico: January 21 at 1pm MT
New York: January 8 at 1:30pm ET
North Carolina: No speech in even-numbered years
North Dakota: No speech in even-numbered years
Ohio: February 24 at 7pm ET
Oklahoma: February 3 at 12:30pm CT
Oregon: No speech in 2014
Pennsylvania: February 4 at 11:30am ET (budget address)
Rhode Island: January 15 at 7pm ET
South Carolina: January 22 at 7pm ET
South Dakota: January 14 at 1pm CT
Tennessee: February 3 at 7pm ET
Texas: No speech in even-numbered years
Utah: January 29 at 6:30pm MT
Vermont: January 8 at 2pm ET
Virginia: January 8 at 7pm ET (McDonnell) and January 13 at 7pm ET (McAuliffe)
Washington: January 14 at noon PT
West Virginia: January 8 at 7pm ET
Wisconsin: January 22 at 7pm CT
Wyoming: February 10 at 10am MT

National: January 28 at 9pm ET

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