Hall of Fame Exit Polling
A Google spreadsheet comparing "exit polling" of Hall of Fame voting (i.e., the percentage of columnists who claimed to vote a certain way) with actual voting. Articles analyzing this data set: "How Accurate are Exit Polls—of the Hall of Fame?"; "Will Craig Biggio Make the Hall of Fame After All?"; "Unskewed Polls: Hall of Fame Edition"; "For Hall of Fame Candidates, It Helps to be a Pitcher, Clean, and White"; "Hall of Fame Post Mortem"; "'Unskewing' Polls of the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame"; "2015's Predictable But Elusive Hall of Fame Results"; "How to Interpret the Polls of the 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Election"; "2016 Hall of Fame: My Final Call"; "What We Learned From This Year's Hall of Fame Results"; "'Unskewing' the Polls in the Hall of Fame Election"; "Here Are 2017's Final Hall of Fame Predictions"; "Hall of Fame Projections Are Getting Better, But They're Still Not Perfect"; "Edgar Martínez Is a Coin Flip Away from the Hall of Fame"; "My Model Nailed This Year's Hall of Famers—The Vote Totals, Not So Much"

Congressional Baseball Game Statistics
A Google spreadsheet containing the full stats, including advanced metrics, for Democratic and Republican congressmen in the annual Congressional Baseball Game dating back to 2009. The spreadsheet is modeled after FanGraphs's player pages and uses that site's metrics and methodology. Stats were collected from old box scores and scoresheets generously shared by CBG archivists. Articles analyzing this data set: "NotGraphs: Only Congress Can Declare WAR, But What About FIP?"; "Closer by Conference Committee: The Stats Behind the Congressional Baseball Game"; "The Majority’s WHIP—and Other Stats from the Congressional Baseball Game"; "By the Numbers: How the Teams Stack Up"; "By the Numbers: Richmond, DeSantis, Others Pad Their Baseball Resumes"; "Nine Years of Congressional Baseball Game Stats"; "Democrats Are Good At Baseball — Big League"

Special Elections
The results of every special election since Election Day 2016. This document compares each result with the FiveThirtyEight partisan lean of the jurisdiction to find how big of a margin swing the special election represented toward Democrats or Republicans. Articles analyzing this data set: "Democrats Are Overperforming In Special Elections Almost Everywhere"; "The States Where Democrats Are Overperforming Most — And Least — In Special Elections"; "Be Skeptical Of Anyone Who Tells You They Know How Democrats Can Win In November"; "Special Elections Foreshadowed A Blue Wave In 2018. What Are They Saying Now?"

Constitutional Office Control and Election Dates
A large chart in Google Drive that presents basic information about every state constitutional officer in the country, including which offices exist in which states, what their official titles are, which party holds which offices, how the officers are selected, and, if applicable, the cycle when the office is next up for election. Totals at the bottom provide topline partisanship breakdowns for each office as well as a snapshot of what's up for grabs each cycle. Data is courtesy of Ballotpedia. Articles analyzing this data set: "The Big, Bad, Colorful Chart That Explains State Constitutional Offices"

Partisanship of Congressional Districts and States
Each congressional district and state's base partisanship, as measured in five different ways: FiveThirtyEight partisan lean, Cook Political Report PVI, and 2016, 2012, and 2008 presidential election results in the district calculated by Daily Kos Elections. Also includes Census and other data, such as how suburban each congressional district is. Articles analyzing this data set: None

PPP Polls on MLB Fandom
A compliation of Public Policy Polling's state-by-state polling data on MLB allegiances. All polling results are input on their own tabs, then compared in the master tab. Registered-voter totals are used to calculate the raw number of fans in each state, which are then summed to approximate the number of each team's fans nationwide. Articles analyzing this data set: "How Many Fans Does Each MLB Team Have?"; "The Severalest Fans in Baseball"; "How Many Fans Does Each MLB Team Have?: The 2016 Baseball Census"; "How Many Fans Does Each MLB Team Have?: The 2017 Baseball Census"

List of Political Scandals and Comebacks
A Google spreadsheet of federal and statewide elected officials who have faced scandal since 1990 and what happened to them. The list is comprehensive of publicly available online data, although thin internet records for the 1990s probably mean some names are missing. Articles analyzing this data set: "History Shows It's Game Over for Sanford and Weiner"

Presidential First Pitches
A list of the date, location, and circumstances of every time a sitting U.S. president threw out the first pitch at a major-league game. Articles analyzing this data set: "Every Presidential First Pitch Ever"

Massachusetts Town-by-Town Partisan Voting Index
A Google spreadsheet containing the town-by-town election results in Massachusetts for major races since 2008. The spreadsheet calculates a Democratic and Republican performance index for each town based on each party's average historical performance there, allowing us to see each town's partisan lean relative to the state as a whole. Articles analyzing this data set: "In #MAgov, Blame Everybody—Springfield, Super PACs, the Wealthy—Except Martha Coakley"

The Baseballot Free-Agent Team
The roster of a hypothetical team composed entirely of recent free agents. The team is meant to simulate a real-world offseason: players are "signed" at the same time they are in real life, the team must fill every positional need, and contracts must fit into a budget. Articles analyzing this data set: "An Exercise in Free Agency"; "The Five Best Free-Agent Signings Coming Out of the Winter Meetings"; "This Holiday Season, the Best Gifts Will Be These Four Free Agents"; "Free-Agent Finishing Touches"; "If a Team Did Nothing but Sign Free Agents, How Would They Do?"; "Free-Agent Fantasy Baseball: 2017"; "Free-Agent Fantasy Baseball: 2018"

Timing of VP Picks
A list of the dates when vice-presidential nominees were unveiled for every presidential election going back to 1972. For comparison's sake, the day of the week and date of the first day of the convention are also included. Articles analyzing this data set: "When Will the Vice-Presidential Picks Be Announced?"

Democratic Over-/Under-Performance in 2017 Legislative Elections
A spreadsheet in which I live-tracked results of the November 7, 2017, legislative elections, including regularly scheduled elections in Virginia and New Jersey and special elections across the country. The spreadsheet compares the results to 2016 presidential and 2012 presidential results in each district to get a sense for Democratic overperformance in the 2017 elections. Articles analyzing this data set: "The 2017 Elections Suggest Incumbency Won’t Save Republicans In 2018"

Virginia 2017 Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General Polling
A list of polls taken in Virginia's two 2017 downballot constitutional-officer elections as well as graphs showing the trends over time. Articles analyzing this data set: "2017 Downballot Race Ratings for Louisiana and Virginia"

List of Debates in 2016 Downballot Elections
A crowdsourced Google spreadsheet listing every known debate or candidate forum in 2016's U.S. Senate, U.S. House, or governor races. The spreadsheet includes the date, time, sponsor, and (if available) video/audio of each debate. Articles analyzing this data set: "Debate-O-Rama 2016"

Democratic Endorsements in the 2014 Massachusetts Primary
A Google spreadsheet listing every liberal politician, organization, or figure who endorsed in the Democratic primary in Massachusetts on September 9, 2014. Their endorsed candidate in the four contested races—governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and treasurer—is noted in the appropriate column. Articles analyzing this data set: "Primary Endorsements Show Where Massachusetts Dems Are Drawing Their Battle Lines"

MLB Attendance by Team
A Google spreadsheet of attendance data for each team from 2001 through 2012. The spreadsheet also includes various measures of team quality and expectations to try to identify a relationship with attendance. Articles analyzing this data set: "Wins Don't Fill Seats—But the Marlins Will"; "Is High Attendance in Miami a Fish Story?"

Runs Scored and Runs Allowed by Team
A Google spreadsheet of every team's runs-scored and runs-allowed stats from 1995 through 2012. Winning percentage is also included to judge how offensive or pitching skill affects winning. Articles analyzing this data set: "Sorry, Slugger: Pitching Really Does Win Championships"

Distances from MLB Parks to State Capitals
A list of the closest state capitals, as the crow flies, to each MLB team. Articles analyzing this data set: "How Far is Baseball from Your State Capital?"

MLB Beat Writer Directory
The names, employers, and Twitter handles of the beat writers for all 30 baseball teams. Follow them for day-by-day coverage of each game and team. Articles analyzing this data set: None

People with the Most Oscar Nominations
A comprehensive list of every person in history who has been nominated for five or more Academy Awards, along with how many wins they have and when they earned their first win. Articles analyzing this data set: "Always a Bridesmaid, Never an Oscar"

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