Sunday, January 10, 2016

State of the State Schedule 2016

President Obama has promised a "non-traditional" State of the Union address this January 12. Pshaw, say observers of state politics. POTUS wants non-traditional? How about a PowerPoint presentation? Ad libbing? A barnstorming tour of the state? These are all tactics that marked State of the State speeches last year. These understudied orations give a window into the coming year in politics—and 2016 will be one of the busiest ever. Instead of tuning into Obama's lame-duck address, spare a minute for the governors who are at the height of their governing powers. Here's something you won't hear from anyone in Congress: most of the lawmaking that affects you—from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to automatic voter registration, from new gun-control laws to right-to-work—happens in the states. Check below to see when your governor will speak.

Alabama: February 2 at 6:30pm ET
Alaska: January 21 at 7pm AKT
Arizona: January 11 at 2pm MT
Arkansas: No speech in even-numbered years
California: January 21 at 10am PT
Colorado: January 14 at 11am MT
Connecticut: February 3 at noon ET
Delaware: January 21 at 2pm ET
Florida: January 12 at 11am ET
Georgia: January 13 at 11am ET
Hawaii: January 25 at 10am HAT
Idaho: January 11 at 1pm MT
Illinois: January 27 at noon CT (State of the State); February 17 at noon CT (budget address)
Indiana: January 12 at 7pm ET
Iowa: January 12 at 10am CT
Kansas: January 12 at 5:30pm CT
Kentucky: December 8 at 2pm ET (inaugural); January 26 at 7pm ET (State of the Commonwealth Budget Address)
Louisiana: January 11 at noon CT (inaugural); February 11 at 6:30pm CT (televised address); February 14 at 5pm CT (budget address); March 14 at 1pm CT (State of the State)
Maine: No speech in 2016
Maryland: February 3 at noon ET
Massachusetts: January 21 at 7pm ET
Michigan: January 19 at 7pm ET
Minnesota: March 9 at 7pm CT
Mississippi: January 12 at 11am CT (inaugural); January 26 at 5:30pm CT (State of the State)
Missouri: January 20 at 7pm CT
Montana: No speech in even-numbered years
Nebraska: January 14 at 10am CT
Nevada: No speech in even-numbered years
New Hampshire: February 4 at 1:30pm ET
New Jersey: January 12 at 3pm ET (State of the State); February 16 at 2pm ET (budget address)
New Mexico: January 19 at 1pm MT
New York: January 13 at 12:30pm ET
North Carolina: No speech in even-numbered years
North Dakota: No speech in even-numbered years
Ohio: April 6 at 7pm ET
Oklahoma: February 1 at 12:30pm CT
Oregon: April 8 at noon PT
Pennsylvania: February 9 at 11:30am ET (budget address)
Rhode Island: February 2 at 7pm ET
South Carolina: January 20 at 7pm ET
South Dakota: December 8 at 1pm CT (budget address); January 12 at 1pm CT (State of the State)
Tennessee: February 1 at 6pm CT
Texas: No speech in even-numbered years
Utah: January 27 at 6:30pm MT
Vermont: January 7 at 2pm ET
Virginia: January 13 at 7pm ET
Washington: January 12 at noon PT
West Virginia: January 13 at 7pm ET
Wisconsin: January 19 at 7pm CT
Wyoming: February 8 at 10am MT

National: January 12 at 9pm ET

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